DO YOU LIKE Paul Wilbur music?   Maybe you’ll like my next CD.

I’m creating a new Facebook Group for people to join my praise & worship community, who want to be a part of the launch of my upcoming CD, “Pool of Siloam”.

It takes many people to come together and launch a successful CD release and the record labels can do that.  But I’m an indie artist and doing it solo.  That’s where YOU come in!

What can you do?  Prayer always helps!  Are you in the Fort Worth, Texas, area? Do you know a videographer? Photographer? Media? Churches and/or Messianic assemblies that would like to share this music?

Let us come together and BRAINSTORM as a team!

I don’t have all of the answers.  Your suggestions will be welcome in this group.

To join, please go to the SUBSCRIBE EMAIL LINK.  I DO NOT SPAM.

I need to communicate with you in the group from time to time, and this is how I can keep in touch with everyone.



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