40 Years Later, She Rocks for Jesus!

In her 20’s, she sang in Boston, Massachusetts, at her favorite club, The Rathskeller in Copley Square.  One of her biggest thrills was opening for Joan Jett!

But then her world came crashing down in the 80’s, and when she hit rock-bottom, Jesus Christ was there to revive her.

Her first CD, “Wildly Innocent” tells the story of her Salvation in Christ.  The green CD cover is a shot of Devora (formerly known as Delilah) in her early 20’s.  The back cover pic is after her revival, taken 30 years later.


DeVora sings to share her testimony of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, to let others know that there is hope and new life in Christ Jesus.  It is not an instant fix, but the road to Salvation brings life and JOY in the Lord!  HalleluYAH!


You can hear the details of her story on Youtube:


More music on Youtube Channel Delilah Clark


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