DeVora Clark writes about her journey walking with God in Christ Jesus. She was brought up Catholic and moved to Nashville, TN, in the 90’s where she found the Holy Spirit baptism and anointing that makes an ordinary singer into a Kingdom Disciple of Christ with an anointing that breaks the yoke off people who are looking for deliverance from addictions, and for healings.


Her first Cd, “Wildly Innocent” is a story of transformation. DeVora was instantly delivered from a rock n’ roll life of drugs and alcohol.
Cd 2: “Set Her Free” tells about being delivered from addictions.
Cd 3: Armour of Light is a praise Cd.
Cd 4: Trees of Righteousness: Discovering that Jesus the Christ is from Judah Who demonstrated a Jewish Way of living for God.
Cd 5: Mt. Zion: 2-song prophetic cd for Israel.
Cd 6: Spirit-Filled Israel. Also available are background (karaoke tracks):
Cd7: Pool of Siloam: Released October 4, 2017 to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles! Use this music at your assembly for referring to artist music store:

DeVora grew up loving Bonnie Raitt and Mahalia Jackson’s styles of singing. I think you can hear their influence in her vocal style:

DeVora lives in Dallas, Texas, and would be happy to come sing at your assembly or home concert. You can also invite her husband to teach: Rabbi Marty Cohen. Write DeVora at: and check out their website:



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